How to Become Friends With Your Ex?

Wednesday 19th, April 2017 / 14:02

Your ex is someone who invested a substantial part of his/her life with, someone who have really had a profound relationship with you, based upon shared worths, ideas and sensations. A healthy friendship is definitely possible after they are no longer dating you.

Naturally, if there’s any negativeness from either side, being friends may not be possible, which is a shame really.

When it comes to whether an exboyfriend or exgirlfriend can be a platonic pal who can happily talk with you about your present relationships or relate well with your present lover, really depends on your ex’s personality. Some people just aren’t the kind that can do that!

I believe, for the new “relationship” with your ex to work, you can not hide your past. Hanging out with your ex as a buddy, and enabling your existing partner or sweetheart to understand about it, or even hang out together is a terrific thing. That’s really cool if your current lover is okay with you hanging out with an ex.

Are you okay with your current girlfriend or boyfriend hanging out with their ex? That may be your answer.

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