How To be a Success and Learn From Your Failures

Saturday 22nd, April 2017 / 14:09

At what point does an outcome get determined as failure? If a boxer gets knocked out, has he quit working? Is he then a failure?

Most people see failure as a last outcome. He failed.

What you should see is that failure is an opportunity for learning.

How many times in our lives have we not even attempted something, due to that of our concern of “thinking” about quitting? Not even the failure itself, merely the concern of thinking about it?

That reaction is probably the natural human tendency. There’s lots of evidence to advise that success is just around the corner, right on the opposite of the point at which you stopped.

You may have heard of this failure to success story…Thomas Edison had 10,000 failures prior to developing the incandescent light bulb. He comprised his mind that each failure brought him that much closer to success. That’s successful thinking right there!

Action conquers fear, and unrelenting action will eventually lead to success. Do not be afraid of doubts and concerns, for they will fall by the wayside as you continue to your path of success.

The law of averages suggests that your next success may come after your very next try. So, failure is nothing but a step for you to overcome to reach your destination!


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